Jack Speaking

You’re intrigued enough to come this far. One of these topics might fit your needs.

The Intangible It.

Jack’s longest standing keynote, The Intangible It, examines the “it” quality movie stars possess that you can’t quite put your finger on… or can you? By sharing humorous and humbling tales of his Tinseltown adventures, Jack breaks down the “it” factor that makes certain actors’ superstars and shares how you can use those lessons to go from a small player to a star in your profession. You will hear about:

The Gift: Learn to channel your inner-Clooney by making everyone you encounter feel like the most important person in the room.

The Shift: Instead of being afraid of change, learn how to make small adjustments to have a long-lasting Tom Hanks-ian career.

The Connect: Discover how you can become more memorable to others by wearing a Dolly Parton tee shirt. Yes, you read that right.

Vantage Point.

Roles can change in an instant. One moment we’re working a ho-hum 9-5er and the next there’s a health crisis and an economic shift and we suddenly have a new role at work or even in the household. For those of us in new positions the road ahead may look daunting. But if you’re in the right role and you’re able to surround yourself with the right team, it just might be the adventure of a lifetime. This presentation creatively weaves in life lessons, challenging your team to think outside of themselves, and see the world through the eyes of others. By taking that perspective shift, attendees will gain a new appreciation for decision making at any level within an organization. And what’s more, this is the rare presentation that applies to employees and managers alike, due to its creative concept. This keynote also has an accompanying book, Days of Our Work Lives.

The Upside.

Inspired by his course certification from Yale on “The Psychology of Happiness”, this is the newest of Jack’s presentations, so it still has that fresh keynote smell. The human kindness shared nationwide and even worldwide in recent times of crisis has Jack examining the common thread that creates positivity during hardship. And he examines how hard times can bring big things to any organization, if you look in the right place. But as the GI Joe Fallacy (yes, that GI Joe) demonstrates, simply seeing the silver lining is not enough. In fact, that’s the bad news of a good economy: it encourages observers who simply sit back and watch their money grow. But it is a downturn where the doers find the upside.

Don’t Flinch: The Half Day.

Even though Jack’s wife and kids would say an hour with him is plenty, some organizations opt for a longer and more intensive half-day session. Included with this package is a workbook [link to downloadable workbook] in which Jack steps your team through a series of exercises that are equal parts fun and insightful. Jack takes elements from his keynotes and packs them into the presentation, so your team gets a greatest hits album, of sorts. Additionally, because Jack is naturally wired as a keynoter, you get a lot of humor with the learnings. In other words, he’s sort of the spoonful of sugar with the medicine in this keynote-workshop combination!